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Because PBC values family, we have a variety of ministries that help the whole family, grandparents to newborns, to help strengthen and perpetuate the faith to the next generation. For children we offer a variety of ministries they will love, including Crosswalk, Jr. Church, and Sunday School. If your children are with us from kindergarten through 8th grade they will have been taken through the entire Bible at least 3 times. We also have great tools to help parents, from marriage retreats, to relevant teaching and support for the many challenges young families face. From marriage to parenting, we got it covered at PBC. We also seek to help grandparents maintain an effective role in the life of their children and grandchildren at this beautiful stage of life. We seek to minster to every stage of the family at PBC.


We believe the Bible has been divinely preserved and reveals the beauty of God in Christ. The biblical text is the focal point of our services and ministries and our goal is to accurately and relevantly make the word available to everyone in a way that inspires lives for Christ.


PBC values a strong community both in and outside the church. This value is what has led to our luanching of small groups. Our small groups are designed to challenge us spiritually while also giving back to our community through community projects and events. Through these groups our mission of building up believers and making Christ known becomes actualized. 


We seek to see believers cultivate worship in all areas of life. While we intend to have an atmosphere during service that leads people into an encounter with God, we seek to see worship go beyond the songs and the service. We hope to cultivate a lifestyle of worship evidenced by believers loving people and using their gifts to build up other believers.


The expansion of the Gospel through missions, locally and globally, is a strong value at PBC. We support many missionaries around the globe and offer support when they come home by providing housing and support. Our desire is to play a role in making the Gospel available to all the world.

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